Hotel Costes: Etage 3

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Hotel Costes: Etage 3
Hotel Costes 3.jpg
Hotel Costes: Etage 3

Hotel Costes: Etage 3


French dance compilation mixed by Stephane Pompougnac. 15 tracks including, a Reminiscent Drive-'Ambrosia', Shirley Bassey-'Where Do I Begin' (Away Team Mix), Cosmo Sound Club-'Les Chrysanthemes', Stereo Action Unlimited-'Hi-fi' Trumpet' (Boys from Brazil Mix), Coco Steel & Love bomb-'Yachts' (A Manacled Adam Mix) and Lustral-' Every Time' (A Man Called Adam Balearic Remix). Over 75 minutes of music. Tri-fold paper sleeve.

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Track Listings

1. Ambrosia - A Reminiscent Drive

2. Where Do I Begin (Away Team Mix) - Shirley Bassey

3. Les Chrysanthemes - Cosmos Sound Club

4. Hi-Fi Trumpet (Boyz From Brazil Mix) - Stereo Action Unlimited

5. Yachts (A Man Called Adam Mix) - Coco Steel & Lovebomb

6. Late Lounge Lover - Hacienda

7. Latazz - Funky Lowlives

8. Apollo (Adam Goldstone Edit) - Cuju/Superstars Of Rock

9. Cruisin' - Can 7

10. Timeless (Orange Factory Remix) - Gazzara

11. PNC Aux Portes - Stephane Pompougnac

12. Cleopatra In New York - Nickodemus

13. Electrorloge - Trouble Makers

14. Last Tango In Paris - Gotan Project

15. Every Time (A Man Called Adam Balearic Remix) - Lustral