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Studio 24E/The Necessary Hoarder a lifestyle boutique located in the Baltimore/Annapolis area.

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Custom Picture Framing

With over 20 years of custom framing experience, we are sure to find the style of frame you've been looking for to compliment your home.

Custom Picture Framing need not be a daunting task, instead allow it to bring out your in creativity! We are here to guide you through to find just the right frame and mat to compliment not only your artwork, but your personal style as well.

Often times we suggest our customers to decide first,

* Where will this new piece of art hang?

* Are there any size restrictions in the area that I want to hang this new piece of art?

* Depending on the location, and value of the art, should I consider conservation glass to protect it from fading?

* Do I really want to match my furniture or other items in the room, in case I change those at a later date?

These, and more are a few things you can consider first, so you will have a better idea of what direction you want to go with creating the frame and mat that will compliment your piece of art.


Custom framing for Art and Home.

Custom framing for Art and Home.